..So, to go through the bucket-list:

China: Parts of China are very much in job-spurt, regardless of the doom & gloom you are hearing in global papers.. Particularly the Xiamen Region of South China (across from Taiwan).. All major metros have evergreen pockets, particularly true for Beijing, with a steady supply of Government work-force, all Southern provinces have their un-diminished industrial work-force. Spent some time in Fujian province this summer, and who says there is slow-down in China?? :).

South East Asia: Is a bit hard to comment, unlike in China, each micro-market is wildly varying in sentiment, pockets of growth.. But, rental income in key cities like Kula Lampur, Bangkok, Singapore are having a good year.. Particularly so, on those dependent of tourism, as has been a great summer thus far, tourist spending from China is a major factor. Middle-east travelers are also opening up their wallets apparently, as oil prices stable, heading to South East Asia more..

I’ve been had numerous input, all pointing at 2 areas to visit, Jakarta & Tourist hot-spots in Thailand as very attractive from income & appreciation perspective.. another spotlight in the east-coast of India (more on India later).. I unfortunately won’t be able to get a first-hand look at Jakarta this summer, so won’t say much about it..

So,  I’ll cover Thailand, India, Malaysia, U.A.E – These destinations are readily open for non-citizens to own income properties, not have to be wealthy investors.. Is also relatively easy to setup corporations or find real-estate investment products to take advantage of in these countries.. If you have any other specific country in mind, happy to connect you to a set of people in those (or find one).

<to be continued in Part III>

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